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With its focus on foundations and aspirations, Capricorn supports the best possible outcome by thoroughly understanding what brought us here and what is realistically achievable. This solid basis for dreaming into our futures is both reassuring and sobering because we see the work ahead. Take advantage of this space in the next week as ends and begins and as we build to a feisty Full Moon on January 4.

Mars travels in Aquarius until January Passionate Mars in Aquarius is about the ability to act with relative objectivity, even in high stress situations. There is also an idealistic side of this sign, which makes this Mars transit an excellent time to act for the benefit of others. Working for a group or a cause in which you believe should be especially satisfying now. He includes a bit about the transit for each of the 12 signs. David Crook at Stellar Insights always seems to say a lot in a few words. He looks ahead to the January 4th Full Moon in Cancer.

Nations will come to the brink on more than one occasion, and Putin is not giving up on his mission to reclaim the land lost in the breakup of the Soviet Union in There will be trouble……. And with Saturn just beginning its two-and-a-half-year transit of Sagittarius, fears of another economic collapse may not prove unfounded. Saturn was in Sagittarius at the start of the Great Depression and it was in the same sign in October when stock markets across the world crashed….

But if all this sounds too gloomy for words, I should remind you that it is the years of struggle that produce some of the finest events: dynamic alignments bring welcome change as well as conflict and controversy. Piece of cake, right? Now, you can click here to read what they all mean. The essence of what a modern day numerologist does is to look at combinations of numbers to determine their interrelated harmony or lack thereof.

Secondly, there are numbers that are Compatible to each other. And then there are Challenging numbers, numbers that indicate that things may not flow quite so smoothly, so you had better stay focused. They also represent numbers that are toxic to each other. That could be because your numbers that day were Challenging to each other. Could be their numbers are primarily toxic to yours. Below is Chart A that shows the numbers that are Compatible to each other and the numbers that are Challenging to each other. For example, in Chart A below, you see that the number 1 is compatible with 2, 3, 9, but 4, 6, and 8 are challenging to a 1.

The more the merrier as that is an indication of a good probability of being successful next week. Do these really good numbers amaze you? Well, did Jodie and Keo have a great deal of success on Season 22? You betcha! They went further than many people were projecting they would go.

Heretofore, Keo and his partners were eliminated in weeks one, three and two respectively during his three prior seasons on Dancing With the Stars.

The question would be: would they win it? Obviously they did not. Bear in mind that ancient numerology was not used for making predictions like this. Our task now is to look at the numbers of the remaining couples and to predict the likelihood of a win. When that happens, it makes it harder to make predictions, because no one couple is standing out. They had the strongest numbers out of all the couples. We could predict with a fair degree of certainty that they would win. Well, maybe we could. Another example is from Season Nastia and Derek had the best numbers out of all the couples, but…they were eliminated in week 9.

How can that be, you say? See Elimination Gate. The Anatomy of a Win! There were a few things that were consistent in all of his wins. So far with this information, no one is standing out as an obvious winner, though Ginger and Val have the best combination of numbers. This might give a better indication of who will easily win…or who may have to struggle to earn their win. I will pretty much let the chart above speak for itself. When looking at the Challenging entries in this chart, remember that these refer to situations that may not flow as smoothly as hoped; challenges are present.

Challenging does not necessarily mean failure. Derek Hough relished challenging situations, because it helped him to get his creative juices flowing. So, after studying this particular chart, which couple do you think has the edge to win? Each letter of a name receives a number from Certain numbers and certain combinations of numbers are considered to be luckier than others for winning. The numbers 5 , 6 , and 8 are lucky winning numbers, especially the more you have of them in your name. So who are our lucky couples? Other than Mark, they all have some lucky numbers.

Paige and Val, have double numbers, 58 and 55 respectively, including some single lucky numbers. Maybe he should. Vibration is everything. But, oh my! Look at Ginger Zee. She has triple numbers, Well, if it worked for Alfonso and Witney, could it work for Ginger and Val as well? So, there you have it, all the numbers for this season to study. Venus will only be in Capricorn till January Moon enters Aries 6: Holidays like Christmas can help some of us feel more connected and grateful. For others, it may feel more isolating. Whatever our situation, I wonder if we can feel into the complexity while attempting to leave no one behind.

Venus and Saturn conjoin at zero degrees Capricorn today. This degree is important. It has the potential to lay down new patterns. Zero degrees of cardinal signs Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, Libra are portals, openings to new paradigms. Imagine new ways to be vulnerable and necessary to each other. Imagine we create new worlds when we dispel the hex of isolation. The Moon in Aries awakens the fire portal.

Actions and Detail Panel

Somehow Aries got the message that they must act alone. How do we maintain the flame of interdependence instead? Am I being silly for thinking archetypes can be in love? This is simply a frame, a way to understand why the last three years have given us more problems than answers. Perhaps you will draw a more beneficial conclusion. When Saturn went into Sagittarius, Obama was the U.

As Saturn leaves Sagittarius, we have Trump. The month Saturn went into Sagittarius, the Paris climate agreement was signed by many nations, including the U. As Saturn leaves Sagittarius, the U. The week that Saturn is preparing to leave Sagittarius, the administration gave the CDC Centers for Disease Control a list of seven words that could not be used in their budget requests: Sagittarius is a sign that searches for meaning and constructs stories from the journey.

They tell us what is true, what is believed, what is acceptable. Words and stories can craft reality through manipulating beliefs. Have we learned also to see through false stories? Can we say that is so? It is fascinating that Mercury is retrograding around Saturn in Sagittarius as Saturn concludes this journey.

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Mercury is slippery, just like words. What have we really learned? Can we put our hands on it? How afraid are we that we are no better off than before? Perhaps this is the best I can say, Saturn is a realist. Over the last three years, we may not have come to a better understanding of truth, but we do have a better understanding of how stories and lies can distort our realities. We know it is important to pay attention to the messages.

We know it is important to know what gives our lives meaning, but maybe we have also learned the importance of reaching across differences, making bridges and alliances that corrupt oppression. Have you learned this necessity too? In fact, Saturn rules Capricorn. We are about to get big doses of reality.

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When Saturn enters a sign new parts of us are called to pay attention. If you have any planets or important points in any Cardinal sign Capricorn, Cancer, Aries, Libra , this part is poised to receive challenges and gifts from Saturn. This lunar cycle is a time to pay attention to what your next work will be. It is an important time to consider our intentions for the year. The seeds planted now will influence us for the next three years as Saturn transits Capricorn. Cardinal sign influence is about initiating solutions to the problems exposed through the previous mutable sign experience.

Mutable signs integrate and prepare the way for the next round of action and decision. Saturn in Sagittarius mutable fire took away the notion of dependable and absolute truth. Manipulators, like Putin and Trump, moved into the vacuum in an attempt to shape the story to their agendas. As the final wave of Saturn in Sagittarius crests on the shore and recedes, left behind is the necessity of remembering our values and our immutable truths. What do you know beyond all doubt?

Perhaps it is Love.

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Perhaps it is Connection. Perhaps it is Justice. Use this lunation to make your truth big to access strength for the next stage of our lives on this planet. In their own time, they begin to tremble and burst with new life. In the dark time of the year for those of us in the northern half of the world, we connect with the patience and potential of waiting seeds. Sometimes it can be difficult to allow our own seeds this resting time.

We may want to grab for the journey ahead. We may stress ourselves out about missed opportunities to get a good start on new intentions. I am as guilty of this as the next person. So perhaps what I say next is really meant for me: Let the darkness be. Let the seeds wait.


Let the next thing approach us rather than impel ourselves towards it. Colonizing mindset says life is out there to conquer, own, master. Consent says, we deepen relationship and responsibility by listening for the desires of others before we try to take. Take a breath, what if we said instead, Receive a breath? What if we took less, or none at all of anything?

What if we asked first? What if we realized that everything is a potential gift if we listen for consent and agree to be in active exchange with the gift giver? What if we know it is a gift? What if we lived in thankfulness for the giver and the gift? Waiting in the dark to be given our seeds for the next growing cycle is good anti-colonizing work.

This lunar cycle begins on the threshold between signs.

Eurythmy Musings

This has been the case since August and will continue for the next year as New Moons start near the end of a sign followed by a Full Moon illuminated by the next sign across the threshold. We start this lunar cycle near the end of Sagittarius with Saturn in Sagittarius right on the edge of Capricorn. The Sun will conjoin Saturn at zero degrees Capricorn on December Most of this lunar cycle, though seeded in Sagittarius, will have a distinct Capricorn focus.

Our seeds are influenced by the transition from Sagittarius: Our seeds spend time with Capricorn themes: Mercury is moving retrograde in Sagittarius. Truth is up for grabs. We may not know yet.

We wait for clarity as Mercury stations direct on December 22 and meets Saturn for the last of three times on January 13 at 2 degrees Capricorn. This meeting may signal the reception of knowing what our next work is. They are friendly and inviting us to exceed our expectations by receiving the gifts of the quiet and the dark.

Our seeds are blessed. Although January 1 is a somewhat arbitrary beginning point of the year, this day still resonates strongly as a new beginning. The Full Moon in Cancer taking place on the first day of the year brings light to our hearts. The waning half of this lunar cycle could be more energetic than the waxing half.

Uranus in Aries stations direct on January 2. Uranus will move into a new sign this year too. In May, the Awakener visits Taurus. New pathways are opening. January 9, the Sun, Venus and Pluto conjoin to begin new cycles of transformation tempered by relationship.

Aspects in Astrology: the Key to Understanding Your Natal Chart

We get a powerful download about the next few years. Venus influence encourages reception over conquest. Venus and the Sun make a square aspect to Uranus on the last day of this lunar cycle. This is an agitating and impatient energy. The seeds of this lunar cycle have created seeds themselves. The next generation of seeds wait for the right time to burst open. We feel them tremble with possibilities now. Monday, December 11, Follow the Moon: Forecast for December 10, — December Moon enters Libra Well folks, this astrologer is deep in the feels of current planetary influences.

Mars entering Scorpio yesterday brought underworld journeys to a new level. Mercury in Sagittarius, moving retrograde past Saturn in Sagittarius to form a fiery trine with Uranus in Aries today, is shaking the roots of egoic constructs. You may be feeling big shifts. You may not know how deep they are going. You may not know where they are leading. Or perhaps that is just me.

If you are also deep in the feels, give yourself a hug. Reach out to someone who cares about you. Be that person for someone else. The Moon is waning and this is a perfect time to shed and be still. In the dark time of the year in the Northern Hemisphere , it is good to let emotions settle without agenda. The Scorpio influence of this lunar cycle invites us to trust the alchemical process of release. Death, not the literal kind, holds the power of compost, which holds the power of rebirth. You may not know you are in the process of being reborn, but you are.